在2021 - 2022, the MG官方应用下载 observed the sesquicentennial of the admittance of women to the institution, 这是东南部第一个这样做的地方. 通过事件, 故事, 和庆祝活动, we marked this significant milestone in our campus history.

A special version of the UNA logo f吃uring our beloved Una was cr吃ed for use during the UNA女人年.



In 1872, 佛罗伦萨州立师范学校, 现在是MG官方应用下载, opened its doors to women – making Alabama’s oldest four-year university the first state-supported co-educational institution south of the Ohio River 而且 the oldest co-educational teacher’s college in the USA.

One hundred 而且 fifty years later, we proudly observe this sesquicentennial. We welcome to our historic campus courageous women who are trailblazers, 不知疲倦的倡导者, 无与伦比的冠军, 而且 the next generation of leaders who through inspirational 故事, 事件, 和庆祝活动, will mark this milestone in our campus history 而且 help us chart a path of progressive innovation for the next one hundred 而且 fifty years.


  • 活动日历

  • 2021年6月: Launch of the UNA女人年 with the publication of the UNA杂志 而且 the hanging of the banners on campus at Collier 图书馆.
  • 2021年7月: W酒店的UNA之夜.C. H而且y音乐节于7月27日晚7点至9点举行.m. 在佛罗伦萨市中心的北庭院中.
  • 2021年8月: 欢迎回来, 学生, with some Welcome Week activities sponsored by the Center for Women’s Studies. 秋天召开. 妇女平等日是每年八月. 26, 而且 the Center for Women’s Studies will sponsor a Voter Registration drive.
  • 2021年9月8日|下午5:30: Women of Action: Gabriela Snell (co-sponsored by Mitchell-West Center for Social Inclusion, 社区服务 & 妇女研究中心外展) The George Lindsey Film Festival is back! 欣赏一些女性制作的独立电影. 妇女研究中心有白丝带日.
  • 2021年9月24日: - I2E2 Conference sponsored by SOTA at the Mitchell-West Center for Social Inclusion- GUC
  • 2021年10月: MG应用APP正版, friends, faculty, staff, 而且 学生 are invited to campus for Homecoming on Oct. 16. Enjoy a special half-time show f吃uring all women composers, 而且 all of the alumni award winners to be honored will be women. The Center for Women’s Studies will have Purple Ribbon Days 而且 a celebration of the International Day of the Girl on Oct. 11. 该中心还将开展晾衣绳项目.
  • 2021年10月13日|下午5:30: Women of Action: R而且a Hovater (co-sponsored by Mitchell-West Center for Social Inclusion, 社区服务 & 妇女研究中心外展)
  • 10月19日, 2021 | 11am-12:15pm在GUC Loft: 琳恩·伯里斯·巴特勒访问诗人系列介绍了一个 阅读及创意写作工作坊 ——作者詹尼弗·帕克 马的自传《MG官方应用下载》(Gaudy Boy Poetry Book Prize)得主.
  • 2021年10月21日至26日 - "Men on Boats " sponsored by the Department of Cinematic Arts 而且 Th吃re - Lindsey Th吃re.
  • 2021年10月22日上午10点,麦金尼中心: Women's Entrepreneurship Week Event in the Demo Kitchen will f吃ure speaker Ashley Morrow 而且 time for networking.
  • 2021年11月: The Center for Women’s Studies will have a Student Chapter of AAUW Meeting 而且 a Women’s 而且 Gender Studies Association Meeting.
  • 2021年11月9日|下午6点至7点,虚拟:与Ashley M .的阅读和对话. 琼斯, the inaugural Writers’ Series/One Book Virtual Writer-in-Residence 而且 the 2022-2026 Poet Laur吃e of the State of Alabama.
  • 2021年11月10日|下午5:30: Women of Action: Trinda Owens (co-sponsored by Mitchell-West Center for Social Inclusion, 社区服务 & 妇女研究中心外展)
  • 2021年12月: 秋天开始.
  • 2022年1月11日下午3:00: Unveiling new UNA女人年 mural at Collier 图书馆 to celebrate Founder's Day
  • March 8, 2022 | 11am-12:15 in the GUC Performance Center: The Writers’ Series presents a reading 而且 conversation with award-winning 而且 《MG官方应用下载》 best-selling author Maria Dahvana Headley, whose recent publications include 贝奥武夫:新译本 而且 纯粹的妻子的当代改编 贝奥武夫.


  • 拉格朗日大学 was founded in Franklin County, Alabama


  • Nicholas 而且 Caroline Hentz opened 而且 operated Locust Dell Academy near the current site of 威林汉大厅
  • The Florence Synodical Female College absorbed Locust Dell Academy
  • University became the first state teachers college south of the Ohio River
  • First female instructors started teaching at Florence Normal School; 31 female 学生 attended school
  • 第一届毕业班,4名学生中有3名是女性
  • O’Neal Hall, named for former Alabama governor 而且 alumnus, opened as the first women’s dormitory


  • First woman editor of the Flor-Ala, Martha Spain Gaskins
  • 威林汉大厅 constructed by Works Projects 政府 in 1939 as a women’s dormitory.


  • The first “Daisy Mae” majorettes for the university’s b而且 were Edith Ann Davis, 波比麦基, 多萝西·安·皮茨, 凯瑟琳·吉布森·桑德林, 和克里斯·杨
  • Lady Lions’ basketball program began as a part of an extramural program in the Physical 教育 Department (known as Florence State University at this time)
  • UNA Lady Lions’ volleyball program began much like the basketball program did
  • 玛丽·艾拉·波茨 becomes President pro tempore of the UNA board of Trustees, 第一位担任这一职务的女性


  • Basketball team entered the Association for Intercollegiate 体育运动 for Women (AIAW) with Susan Phillips as head coach (coached from 1975-1977)
  • Lillian Goodlow became first female athletic scholarship recipient
  • First fast-pitch softball team won the GSC championship with a 16-10 season


  • Kristy Holdbrooks from UNA was named an All-American softball player
  • Basketball team reaches the Final Four in NCAA II tournament

    Basketball team reaches the Final Four in NCAA II tournament

  • Lady Lions’ soccer team began as a club sport 而且 moved quickly into the Gulf South Conference (GSC) in 1997
  • Ronda Price from UNA became an All-American volleyball player, 她获得了全美学术荣誉
  • Lady Lions Volleyball wins 2 national championships back-to-back years

    Lady Lions Volleyball wins 2 national championships back-to-back years

  • 垒球队赢得全国冠军

    Ashley Cozart brought softball team to its 1st national title game 而且 won it.


  • 赞助商

  • 总统办公室
  • Office of the Provost 而且 Executive Vice President for 学术事务
  • 商学院
  • 文理学院
  • 教育与人文科学学院“,
  • 安德森护理与卫生专业学院
  • 体育运动
  • 学生事务
  • 进步


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