University Case Management

  • assists students facing barriers to success on and off campus
  • assists students during difficult situations (medical, mental health, behavioral, personal or family crisis, illness or injury)
  • promotes student success
  • provides crisis prevention and intervention, advocacy, resources and referrals, support and follow-up services
  • provides financial assistance (food insecurity, homelessness, emergency funding to meet basic needs)
  • processes Medical Withdrawals


Are you a student having difficulty adjusting to campus life at UNA?

Contact Holly Edens, University Case Manager at 256-765-4531 or for assistance.

Are you a concerned friend, faculty, staff, family, or UNA community member?

Complete the Student of Concern Referral Form to provide information to the University Case Manager.

 Student of Concern Referral

The Caring for the Pride Fund was established for student, faculty and staff who have been adversely affected by a short term, unexpected life event and are in need of financial assistance.

If you are a student, faculty or staff member who could benefit from this assistance please, contact the University Case Manager.

If you would like to donate to help support our UNA students and community, please

In the case of an emergency, CALL 911 for IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE. Student of Concern Referral Forms are not checked after business hours.